Search Engine Optimization

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Better listings will get your relevant leads that increase your bottom line.

Search Engines can drive an enormous amount of targeted traffic to your site. We’ve outlined the process we take your site through to maximize search engines listings below.

1. Discuss with you the nature of your topic and the corresponding keywords that should targeted. This is a brainstorming session where we figure out what terms people are searching for and what terms you have the highest likelihood of gaining high rankings for. Research your keywords to identify the best targets.

2. Optimizing your site for the targeted keywords, either just for the index page or for several pages. By “optimizing” we mean we make sure your phrase is mentioned the appropriate amount of times in the body copy, in the title, in the heading, in the alt tags, etc.

3. Submitting your site to the major search engines. (Altavista, Fast, Hotbot, Aol Search, Direct Hit, Excite, Google, Goto, Overture, Iwon, Looksmart, Lycos, MSN, Netscape, and Yahoo *list changes often because of industry changes*)

4. We then submit you to the proper categories of the major directories (Yahoo, Looksmart, Open Directory)

5. After Step 4, we can consider a pay-per-click campaign, through or other pay-per-click search engines, whereby we research terms that can be “bought” at these search engines for a price which makes sense to your bottom line and increases revenue.

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