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We take you through our detailed process step by step.

Working with websites requires expertise in several areas: design, marketing, technology and general business strategy. The process we go through with you ensures that we cover all the bases, in order to maximize your website’s potential. You won’t just get a great looking site, you’ll get a site that attracts and converts visitors, and ultimately, increases your bottom line.

Some of the projects involve redesigning a current site, whereas others involve building a new site from scratch. The various phases described below assume a new website, and would be edited depending on where you are in your project.

WE become experts in YOUR business and we learn a thing or two about your competitors.
In order for us to put together a great website, we first need an understanding of your business and your objectives for the site. During these pre-production interviews, we determine exactly what you need and learn as much as possible about what you do on a daily basis. We’ve found that once we understand the nature of your business, your selling proposition, your success, we can then convert those elements into an excellent website.

Phase 2: SET GOALS
You only want to increase sales by 10%? Don’t make it too easy on us.
Goals are necessary to measure not only our value to you, but the success of a website. We want to define your expectations, and together determine exactly what we want this website to accomplish. Once we’re both on the same page, we can move together in that direction.

plan, plan, plan, plan, plan…

During this phase, we take all the information we’ve gathered from you, and prepare to build the site. From defining the site architecture to preparing the marketing plan, the more time spent on this phase, the more successful the completed project will be.

We know YOU don’t like to dream in HTML Code, but we don’t mind it.
We’ve been talking about this site enough, haven’t we? J Now we build it, test it, and go live.

We’re not even halfway there. Let’s get some real people to your site… NOW!

We pride ourselves in not stopping our work once the site is up. We understand that you’re not interested in having a website so you can tell your friends about it, though you certainly will, but so you can improve the bottom line. The only way this can happen is if we develop and implement a marketing plan to drive traffic to your website and convert those visitors into sales. From our advanced search engine optimization techniques, to creative email and off-line advertising approaches, we’ll work together to get paying clients to your site.

Is your site increasing your Bottom Line? It will be: We Guarantee it!
We set goals for a reason. So we could smile a little bit more when we reach them together! During this phase, we look at what worked, and what other opportunities are available to develop your website and, not to beat a dead horse: improve your bottom line!