Business Consulting

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We not only focus on your online presence, we work to expand your off-line business. .

Our business consulting services are in-depth reviews of your business and marketing plan. We begin the process by going over all aspects of your business, in order to determine under performing areas which have growth potential. We then provide you with a detailed analysis and recommendations to move your business forward. Our approach is structured into two parts:

Fact Finding Session:
This is an exchange of information which provides us with general information about your company and its goals. Here we seek to understand how your company functions on a daily basis, as well as its growth history and development.

Sales and Marketing Review:
During this phase, we review all your sales and marketing efforts. We speak with your sales representatives, and oftentimes your customers to better understand your message and its effectiveness. With that information, we can provide marketing ideas from an online as well as off-line perspective.

Business consulting services are only performed with qualifying companies, because of the time involved and the fact that solely our top management conducts them. Please contact us for more information at [email protected].