Permission Marketing

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Ortner Consulting offers complete permission marketing services.

Just what is permission marketing? Well, thirty years ago, the way you’d get someone’s attention would be to interrupt their TV program, and they’d have no choice but listen to what you had to say. You’d put an ad in a newspaper, and they’d look at it. Today, it’s said that the average consumer sees almost 3,000 commercial messages a day. How are you supposed to get your message through?!?

Permission marketing is the opposite of interruption marketing. Through permission marketing, you get consumers to give you their permission to speak to them, and you can then speak directly to them, often at little incremental cost. A great example of this is an online newsletter, such as the one we developed for Golf Quest Family Sports Center. Read the case study here.

Our services include designing and implementing a permission marketing program as well as further database design for back end support. We can also help you with creative design and copywriting.

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